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The Peak Model for Athletics and Academics consists of exceptional tools and strategies that have been developed to assist our students and athletes in attaining their goals with confidence. These tools and strategies, utilized in the classroom and in sports, will prove invaluable to your children as they enter post secondary education, higher athletic endeavours and a lifelong active lifestyle. Our Educators, Sport Scientists, Sport Coaches, Kinesiologists, and Sport Psychologists are proud to be a part of the staff for this unique and innovative private school. The Peak Model, used in conjunction with our highly trained staff and strong academic curriculum, make Peak Centre Academy a first choice for many families. We are honored to be your first choice and will strive to exceed your expectations. We are looking forward to a fantastic year.

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What real people said about Peak Centre Academy


Kevin and Sylvie Brant

“As one of the original student to attend Peak Academy, we have found that the philosophy of the school has been beneficial for our son from both an academic and athletic perspective. Academically, the environment is one that pays attention to the particular needs of the student ensuring that the learning environment is tailored to position the student to excel by following the curriculum and additional experiences such as learning spanish.”

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Mike Rippon and Marie Claude Rousseau

“Our son has attended Peak Academy for the last two years. We have been pleased with his academic development given the small class room ratios in addition to the enrichment he has experienced through various field trips and activities over and above the regular academic curriculum. The fact that he and his classmates share a common interest in hockey and athletics in particular has helped to build a positive environment for him to learn and develop as a person.”

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