At Peak Centre Academy, we have remarkable staff members who have proven their excellence in education and athletics throughout their careers. We are extremely lucky to have the following as part of our academic staff for the 2019-20 year:

Misha Costescu - Principal; Junior School Math/Science Teacher

I have been teaching essentially most of my life.  From my early teen years as a Can and Can-Power skating instructor, to a camp counsellor, to being a classroom teacher since 2001, all of my life has revolved around teaching kids and sports to some degree.

Growing up, I loved sports of all kinds. I played Premier level Men’s soccer in Ontario (competing for the Ontario Cup five times) for 5 years and a competitive soccer player for almost 20 years. I also played High School Hockey, Rugby and Baseball. I still play sports recreationally, but recently have moved to coaching, both inter-scholastically and for my own four children (from age 2 to 15) at both the competitive and recreational levels.

I have been a classroom teacher for 19 years, teaching classroom subjects from Grade 4 to Grade 8 at various points in my career. My passion in teaching and coaching, has been to push each child to develop to their own potential. If a child needed enrichment or remediation, they got it. It was common place to have three math groupings within one class of 12 (one year I taught grade 10 math to a grade 5 student), or different spelling and reading groups within that same class. I truly feel that each child needs a personal touch to develop both academically and athletically, and so far in my career I feel I am able to accomplish both in my programs.  It is this philosophy that I want all of my staff and classes to share, while at Peak Academy.

Since moving to Peak Academy, I have taken on a new challenge in my career, becoming the Principal and setting up the philosophy for the school. I am making sure both teachers and students continue to work towards getting the best from both programs. This includes ensuring that all aspects of our programs continue to be Ontario Ministry of Education approved, yet still challenge our students to become better in all aspects of our program. My goal continues to be to enrich student's lives in both academic and athletic realms, and help them to all live their lives through a “Healthy mind in a healthy body” philosophy.

Shaun Quinn - Vice Principal; High School Social Sciences Teacher

Shaun Quinn joined Peak Centre Academy in September 2019 after working in the private school stream for 27 years – 13 years teaching at the middle and high school levels, and 14 years working in an administrative role as Vice Principal. As an undergrad, Shaun attended the University of Ottawa where he completed a B.A. with Honors in Geography and also a Concentration in History. Shaun then completed a Master’s degree in Education at the same university.

In terms of his athletic background, Shaun was a diverse athlete, but focussed his attention primarily on hockey and lacrosse. In his youth, Shaun played competitive hockey/lacrosse for the Gloucester Rangers/Gloucester Griffins respectively. He then played Jr. hockey for the Grads and Jr. lacrosse for the Griffins. He also played Sr. lacrosse for the Huntsville Hawks and was the Director of the Huntsville Lacrosse School during that same season. Shaun continued his hockey involvement through Bob Fawcett’s Power Hockey School as he worked as an instructor from 1997-2004. Shaun also has a passion for downhill skiing, fishing, and golfing.

Shaun is committed to ensuring that his students reach their full academic potential and believes that part of student success is ‘learning how to learn’, as he believes it is important for students to develop sound learning skills/work habits that will prepare them further for post-
secondary education.

Glen Armstrong - High School Math/Science Teacher

Glen Armstrong joins Peak Academy and is the science/math specialist for grades 9-12. He earned a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology from McMaster University and holds a BC Independent School teaching certificate. Before teaching with Peak Academy, Mr. Armstrong worked at two different private schools in Ottawa and internationally. He is passionate about science and mathematics, especially nature, and is currently a Trustee for the OCSB.

Alain Bourgault - French Teacher

Alain has always loved and sought leadership roles. He was involved in the organization and management of various projects. In University he contributed to student life by organizing sports teams, intramural leagues and two tours of three weeks in Europe. He later headed high-level hockey teams, such as Midget AAA Magog Cantonniers, while pursuing his coaching training. He became a speaker and conducted several coaching seminars, in addition to being Board coach. Alain has coached hockey players of all levels and ages over the years. For over twenty years he has framed the high school student-athletes in sport-studies program of High School De Mortagne in Boucherville. Alain holds a University degree in physical education with specialization in coaching to which are added academic certificates in general administration and education and a national title of "Master Coach" of the Canadian Hockey Association. He has been teaching French at Peak Centre Academy for the past two years and enjoys helping students reach their utmost potential in the language, based on their comfort level and experience.

Amanda Cummings - High School English Teacher

Amanda has been teaching since 2009, working within private school institutions. She has taught grades 4-12, but her main comfort is at the intermediate and senior level. While at the University of Ottawa she obtained her Bachelor of General Arts degree with a specialization in English Literature. Afterwards she completed her Bachelor of Education degree at Nipissing University, and has taken several AQ and ABQ courses through Queen’s University. She loves teaching at Peak Academy and prides herself on making a connection with each and every student, in order to help them reach his or her potential in all their courses.

Outside of the classroom Amanda enjoys playing various sports, particularly curling, which she has been playing for over 20 years at the Huntley Curling Club. She also enjoys playing volleyball, squash, and softball. Amanda is also an avid reader and loves spending time with her two young boys.

Spencer Mulvaney - Junior School English/Social Studies Teacher

Spencer has been involved with education and sports for most of his life. He started lifeguarding at age 16 in his hometown of Kemptville, Ontario. He taught swim lessons and coached the local swim team. After graduating high school Spencer attended Carleton University to pursue a Bachelor degree in History and a minor in English. During that time, he volunteered as an assistant coach for his former high school senior boy’s soccer team. He also worked at a group home for youth where he solidified his idea of being a teacher.

Spencer took his Bachelor of Education at Queens University and graduated in 2016. His focus was on at-risk youth, and he did a placement in a high school student support office where he worked one on one with students. He has a deep respect for the growth mindset and believes failure to be essential to learning, in school and in sports. If you don’t see failure as an opportunity you are not taking full advantage of it.

Spencer has always been keen to be active and be involved in sports. He has played on many of his high school teams such as soccer, basketball and football. He even spent time as a personal trainer at a local gym where he did one on one training sessions and group classes. He believes being physically active is an essential part of a person’s well-being. He currently plays men’s competitive soccer in Ottawa.

Spencer’s number one goal is to help kids. He has found a way to achieve this through teaching. At Peak he has the unique opportunity to see youth excel at both academics and athletics, which he could not be more excited about.