At Peak we are excited to introduce the Sports Health Focus Program designed to meet the needs of students and athletes from recreational level to elite level who intend to maintain a lifelong connection to sport, health, fitness and leisure activities. The Sport Health Focus Program is intended for students who have their sights set on careers in areas such as Sport Science, Health Care & Health Promotion, Medicine, Nutrition & Dietetics, Kinesiology, Gerontology, Naturopathy, Sports therapy, Physiotherapy, Fitness & Recreation, and Coaching. Students will benefit from seminars and workshops presented by professionals in the field, as well as potential co-operative education placements related to this program such as health care facilities & businesses, fitness centres, post-secondary institutions and retirement facilities.

Courses include, but are not limited to, Kinesiology, Fitness, Nutrition, Outdoor Education, Biology, Exercise Science and Chemistry. Students will participate in Cooperative Education placements and gain first-hand experience. Students will also participate in learning opportunities presented by Academic professionals, Business professionals, Fitness Coordinators and Specialists working in this field.

Students will earn a Sports Health Focus Certificate signed by the Principal and Director of Peak Centre Academy along with a reference letter to include in their Portfolios.