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Registration & Fees

Registration & Fees
We are delighted that you are interested in pursuing your academics with the Peak Centre Academy community. Peak Centre Academy prides itself on providing a quality education in a stimulating and challenging environment. As an independent school, Peak Centre Academy does not receive the federal and provincial funding that public schools receive. Peak Centre Academy relies on tuition fees, donations and other revenue sources to cover its operating costs. It is common knowledge that the benefits brought by attending a private school come at a cost. However, many people do not realize that these costs can be spread over the entire school year. Peak Centre Academy payments are spread out over the year in six manageable payments. Please see below, the tuition schedule for 2020-21. Please contact our Director Ken Brunet  if you have any questions regarding the financial aspect of the Academy.
Tuition & Fees for Elementary Grades
Grade New students
enrolment fees,
payable only once
Activity and
Consumables Fee
Tuition TOTAL
4-8 $150 $850 $15 500 $16 500*
Tuition &  Fees for High School Grades
9-12 $150 $850 $16 000 $16 850
Tuition & Fees Peak Academy Online
Description of Services, Credit with and without support Fees
Grade 9 credit with The Ultimate Program $1150.00
Grade 9 credit $449.00
Grade 10-12 with The Ultimate Program $1250.00
Grade 10-12 $550.00
International Students with The Ultimate Program $1350 + $225 Registration
International Students $695.00
PLAR application $175.00
Virtual Coop 1 credit: $425
2 credit: $850
3 credit: $1280
4 credit: $1700
Sending copy of report card/OST to three universities $175.00
Course Transfers $150.00
  • Dependant on course.
  • The Ultimate Program is an incredible one on one support program. This program is highly recommended for students that may struggle in a subject area, are an ESL student or struggle with organization as it offers a level of service not offered in other online programs. Students will receive individual one on one support to address their individual needs. If you do not take the Ultimate Program and feel you need it after the course has started, please contact your teacher to find out your options and the cost.
Explanation of Fees and Policies
*Registration Fee Required for all new students applying for our academy. This fee is not refundable. This fee must be included with the application forms.
Tuition Fees The Tuition Fees cover the costs associated with receiving an education at Peak Centre Academy including items such as staff salaries and rental of the school premises. There is a 10% sibling discount for tuition for a second child and a 15% discount for a third child in the same family.
Activity & Consumables Fee This has been added to cover the cost of consumable items, special activities, training gear, training tools, certain class supplies throughout the year. This fee will also help cover educational programming and specific events that are an integral part of the academic program.

New student: Prior to the student’s first day at our academy, the parents/guardians must provide an initial payment as indicated below.

Returning student: a returning deposit of $1500 payable by April 1st is necessary to keep the status of a returning student. Not receiving such a deposit will merit a $150 fee with the payment plan of a new Student.

  • Post-dated cheques must be submitted with the following payment plan.
Payment Timeline
Timelines New Student Elementary Student Secondary Student
July 1st Elementary deposit of $1650
Secondary deposit of $2150
deposit of $1500 deposit of $2000
Sept. 1st $3330 $3330 $3330
November 1st $2880 $2880 $2880
January 1st $2880 $2880 $2880
March 1st $2880 $2880 $2880
May 1st $2880 $2880 $2880
  • To plan the operating budget, Peak Centre Academy establishes fees and makes contractual commitments in advance of the academic year. Therefore, when a student is enrolled it is understood that a place is reserved for the entire school year and parents or guardians are responsible for the full amount of the fees. Peak Centre Academy reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose behavior or cooperation is, in the opinion of the Principal and Director, detrimental to the standards of the school. A pro-rated fee with the loss of enrolment/consumable fees will be charged for any dismissals. Any late payment will lead to the student’s suspension until fees are fully paid. Any exceptional situations will be dealt by our Director Ken Brunet.

Personal Expenses and Other Charges

  • Students will be asked to provide basic school supplies
  • Students are required full hockey gear during on-ice sessions
  • Students are required to have a laptop (minimum of 13”) with word application
  • Students will be asked to provide active training attire
  • School academic & co-curricular trips in the Ottawa area cost recovery basis
  • Sporting, tournaments, theatre and musical events are cost recovery basis


  • When a student is enrolled, it is intended that the place be reserved for the full school year unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Director. Accordingly, parents are liable for full tuition fees and if, in unforeseen circumstances, a cancellation must be made, the following charges
  • Payment pro-rated until the end of the term with loss of enrollment and consumable fees