The Peak Centre for Human Performance has been a leader in athletic development and performance for more than 25 years. Originating out of the University of Ottawa, Peak has a unique appreciation of the role that science and academics play in athlete development.

The Peak Centre Academy Sports Program follows the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a Sports Canada sponsored initiative that is designed to help athletes reach their full potential by properly sequencing sport specific and conditioning activities throughout their development.

The Peak Centre Academy Athletic Program combines sport specific activities that include on-ice/indoor and outdoor field training, strength and conditioning, field based athletic development, and unstructured play time that encourages physical creativity. Based upstairs in the Bell's Sensplex, students have access to four ice pads, an indoor field house, beach volleyball courts, and outdoor fields (soccer, baseball) providing multiple opportunities for various sports. No training time is lost due to bad weather as there are multiple indoor facilities to select from.

All our programs are built on a sound scientific foundation using the latest research on young athlete development and performance. Our sports curriculum is flexible to allow for individualization and differentiation based on stage of development and the physical abilities that are optimally trained during each developmental stage.