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The Peak Academy soccer program is modelled on the same industry leading athletic and physiological principles as it pertains to the progressive long term development of young student athletes. There are three main aspects to the athletic portion of the soccer program; testing, gym based training, and on-field skills & conditioning.

At Peak Centre Academy we conduct a variety of sport specific tests on the athletes to ensure we are putting forth the most comprehensive port package available. These tests allow our team of Sport Scientists and Soccer Experts to actively track the individuals and eliminate the guesswork from their sport specific programming throughout the year to ensure consistent development is taking place.

Following the Long Term Athlete Development Model, and utilizing data and knowledge of sport specific needs – the team of Peak Centre experts design, track and monitor the athletes throughout their gym based training sessions on a daily basis. Sport specific strength training programs are provided to the athletes and updated on a monthly basis. Proper technique and form is of utmost importance in the gym, and this is achieved through frequent lessons when new exercises are introduced to the athletes.

The on-field component of the Peak Academy soccer program takes into account three main areas that are crucial to the development of the athletes; conditioning, technical skills, and gameplay development. While much of the conditioning of the athletes is completed during their training session, some sport specific soccer conditioning must be completed on the field of play. The technical skills and gameplay development are implemented and taught by our soccer specialist – Kevin Nelson. We encourage you to check out his bio and credentials HERE.